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Simplifying Your Supply Chain, Driving Speed to Market and Reducing Your Costs.

Supply Chain Management.

We offer supply chain solutions covering production management, quality management and in-country logistics support.

Responsible Sourcing.

JLC’s Responsible Sourcing team helps to provide full transparency of your supply base.

Inspection Services.

JLC Inspection Services is an expert in quality inspections, monitoring, factory audits and compliance.


Your Team in South East Asia.

JLC have offices in Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Vietnam - covering also Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines. Reduce your travel, increase your productivity, and let us take care of your production supply chain as your business partner on the ground.

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Real Time Insights at your Fingertip™.

JLC uses Fingertip, a collaborative cloud-based platform digitalizing all quality related processes allowing us to save time on the line and immediately find defects at needle point.

By getting rid of emails and excel reports, Fingertip allows JLC and our customers to monitor their production from Purchase Order to Shipment through interactive data-driven dashboards, in-app chat box and alerts to make sure they always know what’s happening on the ground, at just a glance.

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Featured employee story.

“Working at JLC has given me the opportunity to grow. Originally coming from a less technical background, JLC has been providing trainings, technical knowledge and soft skills trainings necessary to become a successful manager. JLC treats the people fairly, enabling opportunities to grow and develop our career”.

“To us, JLC is a bridge between our factory and the client. JLC’s presence on the line means a closer monitoring and support of quality and gives added value by creating a fantastic product to deliver to the client which then makes happy customers purchasing the product. As JLC stays in the production lines, they are the first to identify any production issues and find the root cause before bringing it to the attention of our internal QC team”.

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Meet our experienced team.

Business relationships are always between people. JLC invest in their people
as a point of difference to give you the best personal customer experience.

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