About Us.

We at JLC Supply Chain Management Services have a simple, yet very effective, vision – supporting partners with people. Partners being both our customers and the factories we work with.


We are the future of supply management in South East Asia. Disrupting outdated practices.

We add value throughout our operations, from PO to shipment. Through our values and beliefs, we offer a refreshingly candid approach with holistic process.

  • JLC can help you collaborate in true partnership with your suppliers as your representative on the ground in the country.
  • We are focused on the human element of our customer experience. We aim to create personal experiences and interactions with real people, as technology improves our industry. A business partnership with JLC is more natural, more authentic, and more personal.
  • We work closely with our customers suppliers by being transparent and frequently communicating about the evolving business challenges faced by both customers and suppliers
Our People

Meet our talented team.

More Experts

We add value through positive change.

We believe our customers should outsource strategically while keeping their core competencies of design and buying in-house. We offer supply chain solutions from sourcing, factory selection, production management, social and environmental compliance, quality control, to in-country logistics.

  • We have invested in digital technology to secure quality & compliance across your supply chain and can provide you services that mitigate your risks, monitor vendor capacities, allocations, KPI’s and provide quick sourcing alternatives.
  • We offer you, through our sourcing database, a solid & diversified supply chain across the South East Asia Region – Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Indonesia.
  • Product Excellence companies are primarily concerned with the supply chain’s flow, its reliability, and its cost. JLC are a service provider that manages and improves our customers concerns. We believe every single product counts. Rejects create waste, in-efficiency, and increased costs.