September 22, 2020

Explaining the wooden tile production procedure

Raw material incoming

The recently delivered raw material

Passing the material to an oven machine system to dry the wood

The drying process

First round of cutting

Shaping the material into long wooden bars

First round of shading

Implementing vertical lines

Second round of shading

Shading with horizontal line

Second round of cutting

Cutting following the dimensions of the final wooden tile

Semi product stage

Result after cutting and shading

Assembling of the tiles

Worker assembling the raw material into the final tile

QC Check

The QC check the product at the end of the line, after the assembling


Re-shading in case the final product shows a rough surface after the QC check

Oil process

After being assembled, tiles are being oiled

Second round of QC check

Checking that the oiling was done properly

Finished product

View of the finished tile

Waiting for shipping

Finished product stationed on pallets
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