Case Study
September 21, 2020

How we improved the way factory produces frying pans

Identify quality issue

The first step of our constant effort to improve production quality is to identify a problem. In this example, the supplier kept putting out frying pans with a non centered logo, a defect we at JLC identified immediately.

Adding Value

Once an issue is spotted, we go through a phase of comparing default products with the approved sample.

Checking and comparing

Root cause

After analysing the defect and investing on the root cause, we find out that there is a poor positioning of the logo on the printing plate. Workers adjust the logo by the eye leading to wrong printing.

Wrong positionning of the logo on the printing plate

Problem solving

We then come up with a solution. Use new square PE plate with dimensions following the same diameter of the product bottom.

Solving the problem efficiently


The pans are now produced with a logo perfectly centered.

Frying pan with a well centered logo
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