Trusted insights.

Access reliable real-time data from the production floor with our innovative digital platform, Fingertip™.

Smart Dashboards.

Fingertip turns data generated on the ground into real-time insights through dashboards allowing you to make the smartest decisions for your production.


Simplifying supply chain management to ensure speed to market.Reduce travel time and costs, with our dependable services.

Production Board Fingertip.

Get 360 view on your production with our smart and agile digital order & production management platform to monitor and follow up on your orders and your production from order confirmation till shipment.

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Quality Support Fingertip.

Step up your quality output while saving time and money on the manufacturing core quality processes. fingertip provides up to date & real time information on the progress of your production, your quality, your defects and your supplier’s overall performance through stunning, comprehensive, and ‘easy-to-read’ dashboards.

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Fingertip’s smart quality processes guarantee better management of time, cost and material, allowing you to significantly reduce the amount of waste associated with the production of your goods.


Fingertip has been built to make sure your data is safe. Your information is the most important and you can trust our system with keeping an eye on it.


Fingertip is simple and doesn’t require any training. It will become your workforce’s best ally to deliver your product on time and in best possible quality. It doesn’t take more than a few taps of fingertip for your team to understand what’s happening and take the best decisions.

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Responsible sourcing Services.

JLC’s Responsible Sourcing team helps to find sustainable and compliant factories and to provide full transparency of your supply base.

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Supply Chain Solutions.

JLC give you full representation on the factory floor through our presence and engagement, offering expert support from PO to shipment.

Simplify your supply chain