Supply Chain Management.

We manage your sourcing and production supply chain operations.

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Supply Chain Management

We boost your top-line by managing your production lifecycle.

Our mission is to support your supplier base by creating a fantastic product that passes inspection and is delivered on time, with full manufacturing compliance. This process adds value to your product whilst ensuring positive feedback.

  • From Purchase Order to Shipment, we offer Production Management, Quality Management and Logistics Support.
  • We help our customers achieve the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO), taking into consideration, Quality, Delivery, Lead Times, and other critical activities in the supply chain.
  • We aim to create personal experiences and interactions with real people, as technology improves our industry. A business partnership with JLC is more natural, more authentic, and more personal.
  • Access reliable real-time data from the production floor with our innovative digital platform, Fingertip™.
Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management.

Helping you collaborate in true partnership with your suppliers as your representative.

We work closely with your suppliers by being transparent and frequently communicating about the evolving challenges your company faces and to understand their challenges, engaging with them in dialogue to find new and flexible ways of collaborating that gets ahead of problems and are mutual supportive.

  • Work closely with your suppliers to plan needed production time and time-and-action (TNA) calendars allowing mutually agreed shipping deadlines. Expect, assess, discuss, resolve, and communicate transportation delays.
  • We facilitate virtual meetings with you and your supply base to accelerate technical key points confirmation.
  • We help you increase efficiency and remove bottlenecks in the production process by being your streamlined channel of communication with your factories.

Technical Quality Support throughout the manufacturing process.

Changes in the way buyers do business with their suppliers will result in an increase of the importance of quality product leaving the manufacturing environment and our support gives added value to manage risk.

  • We make every single product counts. Rejects create waste, in-efficiency, and increased costs.
  • Our Technical Quality Support process of pre-production meetings, product launch, In-line inspections, Dupro's and final shipment inspections supports our customers business and pricing models as their customers increasingly expect products that will last and are of value.
  • We are on-site and able to catch potential errors ahead of time, to ensure your quality standards remain high with no disruptions to your orders.

Support on shipping logistics and documentation challenges.

Receive key support on shipping logistics challenges. JLC works with you vendors and third-party suppliers to ensure your products are shipped efficiently, securely and with the right country of origin customs clearance standards.

  • Ensure the condition of the container is adequate to reduce the risk of damage to your product during shipment.
  • We work with local shipping companies to ensure your goods reach their destinations on time.
  • Helping reduce costs, and manage risks.
  • Strictly supervised process to ensure your complete order is securely loaded.
  • Check that all official paperwork and shipment documentation details match with the actual cargo, giving you total assurance.
  • We then follow up on your goods during shipment, and communicate any problems or delays to keep you fully updated.
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Speed to Market.

By using our in-country facilities - regular virtual meetings with your suppliers can streamline the communication process and resolve challenges quickly creating faster actions on your orders


Our collaborative cloud-based platform giving you instant and transparent data, 24/7, from any device, no matter where you are in the world.

Reduce cost.

Non-core assets and activities should be divested and stopped. JLC is your perfect outsource partner for your sourcing and production activities.

Simplify supply chain management.

We believe our customers should outsource strategically while keeping their core competencies of design and buying in-house.


In a world and industry focused on AI, Digitalization, Robotics, PLM systems, and more – JLC is about people.


JLC’s Responsible Sourcing team help to provide full transparency of your supply base.

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We minimize your worries, 
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Final inspection.

JLC are here to provide expert inspections to ensure your order fulfills requirements, and allowing you trust that quality is being shipped.

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Real time insights at your Fingertip.

Access reliable real-time data from the production floor with our innovative digital platform, Fingertip™.

Transition to digital supply chain management