Chanthy Tith

Senior Supervisor

Khmer, Chinese, English

More than 20 years ago, in Cambodia, Chanthy started working in flat knit factory as a linking supervisor. This is where she started to learn about the garment industry. Working her way up in the factory and handling several departments and buyers, as well as learning to speak fluent Mandarin and English during this journey.
Chanthy has been with JLC for over 5 years and have learnt a lot about the technical production side and how to work closely with the team and the factory teams.

As Senior Supervisor she takes care of several suppliers with running orders. Chanthy works together with the TQS team and the factory team.

I love working together with my team and the factory team and we always end up brainstorming on how to better do things and it always leads to productive discussions and plans that we implement. I truly believe that good quality does not come by just doing an inspection, good quality starts at the first steps in the process.

Chanthy's duty is to help the supplier with managing this process and together make sure we have great garments. And in this production process it’s a great opportunity for her to also learn new products and processes and see the developments going on in the garment industry.