Sammy Kang

Social Compliance Manager

English, Khmer

Our dynamic Compliance Manager manages projects by overseeing all programs, staff and strategic developments. Sammy's previous experience within an auditing company in Phnom Penh has allowed her to quickly flourish within her role since joining JLC in 2014.

Key to Sammy's role is her active mentoring role, aiding team's on the field to reach the highest results in the most effective manner. Sammy also leads up higher level audits due to her key understanding of complex methodologies, advanced analyses and comprehensive reporting.

Actively supporting and promoting sustainable consumption and production of garments throughout all countries within JLC scope, Sammy provides emphasis on resource efficiency and social responsibility. She implements, maintains, and provides new solutions for the enterprise social compliance auditing system and provides invaluable system training to relevant stakeholders.

With over 20 years experience, Sammy is a reliable foundation for client, and team, success core to organizing and planning key project activities.